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Sophie's has a team of close knit chefs that have come together over their love of food and sharing that love with others. What started out as a "What if we opened a restaurant?" has turned into the dream for them, where they can exercise their culinary prowess and share that with others. 

In addition to the chefs listed here, there are many others who have inspired the dishes featured on our menu, some of which who will have the platform to use our kitchen for special themed dinners. We look forward to being able to introduce you to those chefs, and for you to get a taste of some of our inspired dishes. 

1 Kent Green Blvd Kent, CT 06757

Across from Cozzy's Pizza, North End of Town


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Sophie Drazkiewicz - OWNER, CHEF

Since 1993, Sophie Drazkiewicz has been inspired to share her culinary prowess with others. Raised in South Norwalk, Connecticut by an Italian mother with a heart as big as a dinner plate, Sophie was brought up with the simple idea that all walks of life have a place at her dinner table. Whether it was from her early years of gathering the neighborhood kids to host bake sales and donate the proceeds to the local homeless shelters, to college where she was lauded for scraping together pennies and creating a feast big enough to feed the entire floor of her dorm, Sophie has gone through life with an apron around her neck and a trusty ceramic dutch oven at her side. 

After six years of working in corporate America, Sophie left to pursue passions and get back to her roots of gathering people together to share a meal, a drink, and plenty of laughs. She has taken inspiration not only from the Italian-American heritage she was raised with, but from countless friends she has made along the way who have given her the opportunity to taste pieces of their culture through a dinner plate. 

When Sophie's not in the kitchen, you can find her out in the garden, underwater photographing sharks, or traveling the ends of the earth in search of new spices and inspiration. 


Jerri Drazkiewicz - HEAD CHEF


Jerri Drazkiewicz the mother of the Owner and namesake Sophie Drazkiewicz. Jerri began her humble upbringings in South Norwalk, Connecticut with a father who owned a dry cleaner and taught her that many things in life are best done by hand. Between her father and many trips back to Italy, Jerri was raised with mani d'oro, or hands of gold in Italian. 


Jerri went on to own her own catering business for many years, before moving on to pursue passions in Optical Engineering. Even when she wasn't cooking professionally, she was always cooking for an army, and regularly would gather friends, family and anyone who was smart enough to follow their nose to the dinner table for a meal unlike any other. Jerri takes her inspiration from all cuisines and shies away from no ingredient or culinary technique. When Sophie pitched the idea of Sophie's to her, she began to churn out recipes and ideas for new spins on classic dishes. Along with Pedro Montalvo and Sophie Drazkiewicz, Jerri has helped to develop dishes that are featured on our menu.

When Jerri isn't in the kitchen, you can find her painting, or in St. John on Maho Beach - sunglasses on, a book in her hand and her toes in the sand. 

Pedro Montalvo - HEAD CHEF


Pedro Montalvo is an inspired chef coming from a NewyoRican background. Born and raised in New York City, Pedro learned many of his techniques and secrets from his father who worked in the NYC Restaurant industry for many years. When he was of age, Pedro began a career in the kitchen of the Waldorf Astoria, before ultimately leaving to pursue a career in Optical Engineering where he met Jerri, and subsequently, Sophie. 

Pedro has a palate that can identify even the subtlest of ingredients, and has a handy knack for identifying the missing piece that makes a dish perfect. Pedro is quick on his feet, he meets every culinary challenge head on with a contagious upbeat attitude that has everyone in the kitchen in fits of laughter. When he met Jerri, the two began to work together to organize smaller events for coworkers, friends and family where the two would go head to head on who made the better dishes -- spoiler alert, anyone who attended was in a food coma and no winner was ever declared. 


Pedro recently retired from his position in Optical Engineering and was immediately snatched up by Sophie for his prowess in the kitchen, as well as for any guidance he may be able to pass down onto her. Pedro is the driving force behind the flavors and plating of all our dishes.


When Pedro isn't in the kitchen, you can find him sipping tequila, cuddling with his dog and searching for dragons.


Devan Casey - BAKER


AKA our "Dessert Stylist" -- Devan grew up in California and has been baking since she was very young. When she turned 9 years old she began baking on her own. and has been attempting to achieve the perfect chocolate chip cookie ever since! She moved to Kent when she was 13 and has been a fixture ever since. 


Baking has always been a passion of hers, and she joined the Sophie's team first to help out as a server, but once the kitchen team tried her treats they were hooked and needed her on the team. Devan has a diverse background and worked as a fashion stylist for 6 years in NYC, and would pop into Kent to help out with baking and bring creative energy and new, fresh ideas when visiting family. She officially moved back to Kent in the Summer of 2022 and joined the Sophie's team full time to craft new and exciting baked goods, as well as increase her culinary prowess. Devan is very excited to be home with family, closer to friends and to be learning more about the culinary world from the Sophie's team.


When Devan isn't baking,  she's sneaking edible glitter into all the baked goods Sophie is working on, taking a nap, channeling Miss Piggy, drinking a tall glass of champagne or scream-singing at Karaoke.

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